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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Nintendo Having Issues With Wii U Development?

 Gaming mammoth Nintendo is having some serious issues with its next generation console the Wii U according to the second article published by French tech website 01net
Wii U (Legend of Zelda - on screen)
The news entity explains that Nintendo has sought to keep costs low in order to improve its margin. This has proved to be a successful strategy in the past as Nintendo was the only gaming major to make a profit on each console sold.

But it looks like cutting costs on the Wii U has gone a tad too far. The chip in the Wii U wireless gamepad, 01net reports, is apparently underpowered which menas that some wireless features as well as the streaming capabilities are not working properly despite the fact that Nintendo is working on the third iteration with the fourth one scheduled to be delivered to gaming studios by the end of the month.
As it stands, developers have been forced to use a black box with a wired connection in tandem with the software development kit, one which apparently requires almost daily updates. As a result, this could have a significant impact on the release date of the Nintendo Wii which ought to be in June 2012 but which could be postponed by up to three months.


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